2017 ¬
Trophy Camera: A New Fear of Organizing Principals
Text by Brad Feuerhelm, American Suburb X, September 2017.

Playing Perfectly: On Outsourcing Creation to Machines
Text by Katherine Oktober Matthews, GUP Magazine, The Netherlands, August 2017.

An Introduction. Three Thoughts on ‘Controversy’
Text by Lars Kwakkenbos, Controversy, Lyre Press, Brussels, August 2017.

Book: Lotus by Max Pinckers and Quinten de Bruyn
Text by Tom Seymour, British Journal of Photography, UK, July 2017.

This Camera Silently Judges Your Photos Against The World’s Best
Text by Diana Budds, Co.Design, May 2017.

Max Pinckers: "Meine Arbeit ist auch ein Komme Medium selbst"
Interview by Manfred Zollner, fotoMAGAZIN, Germany, April 2017.

Een nieuwe definitie van documentaire fotografie: Het werk van Max Pinckers
Text by Sofie Crabbé, Ons Erfdeel, nr. 1, Belgium, February 2017.

2016 ¬
Max Pinckers and Quinten De Bruyn, Lotus
Text by Olga Yatskevich, Collector Daily, USA, December 2016.

Yokota’s and Pinckers’ Floating Worlds
Text by Colin Pantall, Foto-Forum exhibition catalogue, Max Pinckers & Daisuke Yokota,
published by Rorhof & Lyre Press, Bozen/Bolzano, Italy, July 2016.

Verticalità nipponica e orizzontalità giapponese
Daisuke Yokota e Max Pinckers al foto-forum

Text by Allegra Baggio Corradi, Franzmagazine, Italy, June 2016.

Truths and Fictions in Everyday Japan
Text by Cassidy Paul, TIME LightBox, April 2016.

From the Outside In
Text by Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa, Aperture Blog, March 2016.

Max Pinckers: A New Approach To Documentary Photography
Text by Sara Gonçalves, The Culture Trip, Brussels, Belgium, March 2016.

2015 ¬
Two Kinds of Memory and Memory Itself
Text by Vice Magazine, The Road to Nowhere Issue, September 2015.

European Eyes
Text by Munemasa Takahasi, European Eyes on Japan / Japan Today vol.17, September 2015.

Beelden voor een geschiedenis
Een gesprek met Max Pinckers en Michiel Burger

Text by Hans Theys, Young Belgian Art Prize catalogue, March 2015.

Max Pinckers
Text by Geert Zagers, Focus Knack, August 2015.

Will They Sing Like Raindrops or Leave Me Thirsty
Text by Sonia Faleiro, Granta Magazine, January 2015.

A Double Sided Love
Text by Francesca Orsi, Yet Magazine, July 2015.

2014 ¬
Onze Lieve Vrouw van de Bloemen
Text by Hans Theys, Over Vorm. Het Vervolg, Tornado Editions, België, 2014.

Dubbelinterview Max Pinckers en Vincent Delbrouck
Text by Lise Lotte ten Voorde, PF Magazine, The Netherlands, December 2014.

India’s Love Commandos – and the runaway couples they protect
Text by Sean O’Hagan, The Guardian, UK, October 2014.

At First Sight: A photographic chronicle of love in India today
Text by Sukruti Staneley, The Caravan, India, August 2014.

Book Review: Will They Sing Like Raindrops or Leave Me Thirsty
Text by Shilpa Vijayakrishnan, Tasveer Journal, India, July 2014.

Photographs as Poems
Text by Hans Theys, Will They Sing Like Raindrops or Leave Me Thirsty, Belgium, May 2014.

Wunderkammer: Max Pinckers
Text by Kurt Snoekx, Agenda Magazine, Brussels, Belgium, May 2014.

Aperture Portfolio Prize 2014: Runner-up Max Pinckers
Text by Paula Kupfer, Aperture Foundation NY website, New York, USA, March 2014.

Kunstenaarspagina in H ART
Text by Max Pinckers, H ART #121, Belgium, January 2014.

2013 ¬
Love, Honour & Disobey
Text by Colin Pantall, British Journal of Photography magazine, UK, October 2013.

Lauréat du Prix photographique Ville de Levallois 2013
Text by Paul Frèches, Photo Levallois catalogue, France, October 2013.

File 01 | Max Pinckers
Text by Charlotte Cotton, IMA Magazine Vol. 5, Japan, Autumn 2013.

Book Review: Max Pinckers' Masala Mix
The Fourth Wall reviewed by Colin Pantall, photo-eye blog, July 2013.

Ones to Watch: Max Pinckers
Text by Simon Bainbridge, British Journal of Photography magazine, UK, January 2013.

2012 ¬
Max Pinckers & Michiel Burger
Text by Laura van Grinsven, Mamihlapinatapai: A look shared by two people,
each wishing that the other will initiate something that both desire but which neither
one wants to start, Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond, The Netherlands, October 2012.

Harmonica-like Spaces
Text by Hans Theys, .tiff magazine, FotoMuseum Antwerp (FoMu), Belgium,
March 2012.

Text by Hans Theys, M HKAzine #11, Antwerp, Belgium, April 2012.
Focus. Een blik op 100 kunstenaars, Hans Theys, Belgium, 2012.

2011 ¬
Interview by Mirjam van der Linden with Max Pinckers, (Re): TILT catalogus,
De Brakke Grond, The Netherlands, May 2011.

Our Ladies of the Flowers
Text by Hans Theys, Lotus, Belgium, May 2011. Revised in 2016.